Friday, November 28, 2014

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I have so many things to be thankful for in my life.  The number one thing is my beautiful daughter,  I can't believe she's twelve now.  She's turning into a beautiful young lady.

I'm also thankful for all my family and friends.  Although I may not tell them  as often as I should I love and miss all of them.  Then there's my readers.  I wouldn't be who I am with out you.  Thank you all for your support.

I'm working on three books at the present time. Club de Fleur 6: Tasha.  This will be the story of Tasha and Tim.  We met Tim when he rescued Jenna from Big in my very first book.  Check out for a teaser from that book.

I'm also working on ther third book in the All the President's Men series, this will be book three Dillon's Dainty Darling.  I've started a new series, Dakota Proud, Ransom Ranch.  Ther first book will be about Stacie and the three Ransom brothers.  It's been fun to work on.  

Here's a teaser from Dillon's Dainty Darling.

Tracy Smith sat on her front stairs waiting for Dillon Polk to pick her up.  She had been waiting for several minutes, not because he was late, but because she was early.  She didn’t want him in her house.  Why she had agreed to go to the club with him tonight was beyond her, but she had agreed and other than being sick, could not get out of it.
      She and Dillon had been partners for two years.  He worked with the Secret Service and she was with the FBI.  They both had been assigned to several cases and worked well together.  They also played well together at The Mix.  A BDSM club partly owned by Dillon’s boss and friend Derek Moore.  The problem was that Dillon wanted more than Tracy was willing to give.  He wanted her and she just wanted to be friends and play occasionally, and sex.  The sex with Dillon was good, very good. 
      It was fun playing with him at the club and when he wasn’t nagging her for more, they worked great together.  He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t go out with him anyplace but the club and why she wouldn’t let him in her house.  The truth was she didn’t want him that close. 
      What Tracy never told anybody was that she had been in a Ds relationship for five years before moving to Washington D.C. and becoming an FBI agent and it hadn’t ended well.  Since then she never let anyone get close.  She had figured out that by keeping everyone at a distance, she wouldn’t’ get hurt again.  Several of her  friends had told her she was crazy and that Dillon was the best thing that had ever happened to her and nothing like the man she had been in the relationship with.  But after having had her trust broken once, she had was not going to let that happen again.  She had been in the hospital for days and therapy for months.  She only played at the club in front of witness.  Period

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