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Update and Thank you

Thanks to all who came to the party last week.  It was great.  I'm working on three books right now.  Doing the first set of edits for Derek, from All the President's men, and working on Tyler's Tasty Treat from the same series.  I also started Tasha, this will be Tim's story from Club de Fleurs...busy, busy, busy.

And a big thank you to all who did takeovers last night these girls worked hard!

 Elizabeth St. John

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Mia Natal

 Audra Hart

The Beast Realm: A magical world of shape shifters, weres and dual 
natured beings from every world imaginable exist and flourish in all of 
their primal glory.

Links to my books & descriptions:  
NEWEST:  “Mara’s Homecoming”
  Description of Mara’s Homecoming:  Mara Aphrodisios Montgomery was born a bear. I don’t mean she was born bitchy or anything like that. Literally. She was born a bear cub who can shift into human form. She’s a member of an ancient, but dying race of Greek Immortals called Weres. Mara is a werebear. She met and fell in love with a Celtic Shifter, Logan Montgomery, but there are many among the so-called Immortal races who don’t believe Immortals should mate outside of their own pantheon. Hitler has nothing on some of these guys when it comes to fighting for racial purity.
Mara’s love affair and subsequent mating to Logan Montgomery opens the door to horrific grief, pain and suffering for Mara. She is brutally victimized and separated from her family for over a decade. But unseen forces are working to reunite the lovers.
Events beyond their control also push Mara and Logan to the forefront of an ancient struggle that is coming to a head. Soon they are neck deep in the newly formed Beast Realm. The Beast Realm is a loose affiliation of dual natured magical immortals who populate this world and various magical realms. Due to ancient feuds and prejudices the creators of various shifter races have decided to form this new affiliation to offer protection for the offspring of their children who are of mixed heritage. Treachery, intrigue, bloodshed and deceit rule the day as warring factions strive to control the formation of this new realm.
Will love everlasting ultimately triumph?

Episode II – “Cameron’s Return” due out on Halloween.
Episode II – “Logan’s Redemption” due out mid to early November.

1st book:  “Lost Wanderer Awakened” Book One of the Airendell Chronicles.
            Description:  Deidra Montfort is a small town gal whose life has been shattered by tragedy. Her children and husband are dead and Dee is recovering from massive injuries that should have left her dead as well. Part of Dee knows she could have prevented the tragedies... somehow…
Strange dreams and flashes of images of a life with a gorgeous, sexy warrior god leave Dee feeling confused and guilt ridden as she struggles to cope with the loss of her family and the devastating damage done to her own body. As she struggles with the urge to just give up she turns her attention to helping out an old friend who runs a backwoods biker bar and helping runaway teenage girls make a new start for themselves.
 Dee doesn't know that a vampire watches her from the fringes of her life. He is not stalking her but protecting her because she is his beloved mate. The vampire has been searching for his long lost mate who was cursed for saving his life almost six hundred years ago.
                        Lucian Michaels is an Immortal Spell Weaver turned vampire who watches Deirdra from the fringes of her life. He’s been doing this or something like it for nearly six hundred years. An ancient curse has robbed her of all knowledge of who she is and her true destiny. She doesn’t remember that her name is Morna Glynn Michaels, Spell Weaver of the First Order, and Airendell Warrior of the first Order. She doesn’t remember that she is Lucian’s one true mate and has been for nearly seven hundred years. So Lucian waits and watches hoping she regains her memories and her powers so that she can reclaim her mate, her destiny and overcome the curse that ruined their lives.
Lucian knows they face overwhelming odds as they set out overcome the evil forces that still seek to destroy them and their clan of magical Immortals who dedicate their lives to protecting mankind from other less altruistic Immortals. However, he doesn’t know of the painful changes his beloved will have to endure, the blood thirsty creatures, jealous rages and treachery from their own family members. They must overcome all of these challenges in order to be able to reclaim their true destiny.
Book 1.5 of Airendell Chronicles – “The Young Vampire Mate” (In the process of redoing cover and edits.  But it’s still a saucy tale and a good companion book for the Airendell Chronciles. Description:  My name is Breena Glynn. I'm an 800 year old virgin. Stop laughing! I am a magical Immortal-healer who fights demons, who magically knows things, and chronicles the history of my clan, the Spell Weavers. Oh yeah, and I am on the hunt for my true mate. Stop laughing Jeez. He's out there. He's a sexy as sin vampire and I can't wait to meet him. Did I mention the curse or the shifter bestie? This book is part of the Airendell Chronicles and is intended for readers over 18.

 Book Two of the Airendell Chronicles:  “The First Spell Weaver of Airendell”               Description:  Amid dark intrigue, deadly battles, savage blood-lust and just plain old fashioned lust Morna is reunited with loved ones as she reclaims her ancient magical heritage. As Morna adapts to her new hybrid vampire status she must ferret out enemies and learn to rely on family and friends. Can she hang on to her love for Luca, her mate, and the hope for the future that grows within her? This is book two of the Airendell Chronicles and is intended for readers over 18.
Book 2.5 “Adventures in Asgard” Still writing
Book Three of the Airendell Chronicles: “Wicked Rage of the Moon” is written, but still in editing.  I should have the edited version publish in early November.  At least that’s the plan

Savannah Morgan

About the Author
Savannah lives in the Deep South with her husband and two dogs. She loves animals, travel, and reading. She also has a passion for graphic design, photo restoration, photography and music.
She has traveled and lived throughout the US and Europe during her marriage and has looked at every move as a new adventure. She enjoys getting to know new people, cultures, and places. She has. She has often thought she would have been an anthropologist or free-lance photographer if she hadn’t started writing first.
Savannah is currently working on several titles to include more in the Sapphire Springs series. Please visit her at any of the online locations below.

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Starting Oct 27, 2014 - Jan 27, 2015
An Irresistible Contest:
Amara has a rich heritage, steeped in Spiritual Beliefs. Being 1/3 Romani (Gypsy), 1/3 Native American and 1/3 Irish she relies on the teachings of her ancest... See More
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Starting Oct 27, 2014 - Jan 27, 2015
An Irresistible Contest:
Amara has a rich heritage, steeped in Spiritual Beliefs. Being 1/3 Romani (Gypsy), 1/3 Native American and 1/3 Irish she relies on the teachings of her ancestors. She is a Goddess in the kitchen and can whip up Teas, Tinctures, and Poultices as easily as she can Main Dishes, Breads and Desserts. Be a part of something truly unique and submit your family recipes for this companion book to Irresistible: A Sapphire Springs Novel Book 3
If your recipe is chosen as an entry in the Dalakis Familie de Tigani Recipe Book your name will be listed with the winning recipe(s).
You must own the rights to the submitted recipe (no star recipes or filching from the internet allowed)
Needs to appear to be of Romani, Native American, Irish or just old family comfort food. 
You can submit as many recipes as you like; more entries means more chances to win and more entries in the book
Submit recipes to:
RE: Dalakis Gypsies Recipe Contest

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