Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey, I finally finished Club de Fleurs 5: Tina's Twins.  Sent it off to my beta readers yesterday.  Today I started on the new series, All the President's Men, centered around the men of the secret service.  There will be four or five books in the series, maybe more.  I still need to figure out what to do with Dean and Connie form Club de Fleurs, they may be the start of another series.  Thanks for reading, hope all are well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today August 13, 2014 was the re;ease day for my second book, Cllub de Fleurs 2 Sadie.  Avialable now on  And good news..,.I found my first book Club de Fleurs : Jenna is now available on for a 12% discount.  The links to both book are below.
     I've been busy working on book number five, Tina's Twins, and hope to have it done by the end of the month.  Wish me luck.  Catch you later.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Geat News

     Siren has accepted the fourth book in the Club de Fleurs series.  It should be available late October.  This means that I will have a new book coming out in August, (Sadie is due to be published on August 13, 2014). September (Theresa is due approximately September 17, 2014) and October (Rachel approximately October 21, 2014).
     I'm working on another menage, this will have paternal twins in it and will be about Tina, who you will learn more about in Rachel's story. More to come later.                                                                       Hope you are all having a great summer, it's almost over.  Until next time.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Now Available

Now Available for pre-order at a 10% discount on Siren


“Now stop that or you’ll start something you’re not ready for.” He groaned at her, looking at Dave with alarm in his eyes. Was this where they had planned on going? Had they even thought past getting Sadie back and calmed down? He and Dave had shared before, both in and out of the club, but they had never talked about sharing Sadie and Evan wasn’t sure if Dave was willing to share Sadie.
Looking at Evan and raising his eyebrows in question, Dave wondered the same thing. He knew Evan was up to sharing, but since he had started playing with Sadie, they hadn’t shared or even discussed it. Dave could tell by watching Evan that he was interested in Sadie, Hell he wouldn’t be here now if he wasn’t, but sharing…hummm.
Two men, thought Sadie, wow! And both of them hot and bothered from what she could tell. This was every girl’s fantasy, wasn’t it?
Reaching around Evan, grasped both of Sadie’s nipples between his thumb and forefingers, pinching and pulling. Dave leaned down and took her mouth, rubbing one hand between her folds. “Do you want this, girl, do you want both of us? Here…Now?” he asked, rubbing her clit and feeling her wetness..
“Yes, baby, say you want us your Master and Sir, say you want both of us,” Evan whispered in her ear working her nipples and rubbing his cock against her rear end.
“Oh my God, I-I-I don’t know, it’s-it’s…Yes!” Sadie screamed the final word as Dave pinched and pulled her clit.
Evan licked and kissed the back of her neck, while Dave took her mouth. Continuing to work her nipples, he rubbed himself against her. “Are you ready to take this big cock in your tight little ass, baby? Will you do that for your Sir?”
“And while he’s in your ass, I’ll be taking this sweet little pussy. You’ll be stuffed full of cock. A man for both your holes. Are you ready for that, girl?” Dave spoke the words against her lips, rubbing and pinching her clit all the time with just enough pressure to rev her up, but not letting her go over.
“Oh…Oh…Oh…I need to come, please make me come. Anything, just let me come, Master, Sir, somebody help me.” Sadie was shuddering with need and want.
Reaching down with one hand Evan slowly rimmed her rosette, moving his fingers round and round. Dave rolled and got a tube of lube and several condoms out of the drawer beside the bed and handed the lube and a couple of condoms to Evan.
Evan lubed up one finger and slowly inserted in Sadie’s rosette. “How’s that feel, baby? Do you like that? You’re so tight back there. You are going to feel so good on my cock”
“Oh…Oh…it burns, slowly, Sir, slowly,” Sadie cried.
Taking her free nipple in his mouth, Dave increased the pressure and speed he was applying to her clit. Gently biting her nipple, Dave released it. “Come for us girl, come now!”
Screaming and shuddering with release Sadie’s world exploded with a shattering of light. Sandwiched between the two men as she was she could move very little and laid there quaking and shaking.
“That was just one of many you will experience with us, baby. Hope you’re ready for this.” Evan growled in her ear, adding more lube and a second finger to her rosette. Scissoring his fingers, he stretched and lubed her in readiness for his cock. “Just a little more and you’ll be ready for me. I can’t wait to get inside you.” Adding a third finger, he looked at Dave and nodded.
Dave rolled over on his back and pulled Sadie with him.