Thursday, December 11, 2014

The first book in the new series All the President's Men Derek's Darling Damsel is available today and they are offering it at a 10% discount:

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 18th.
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, capture, spanking, paddling, medical fetish, sex toys, HEA] Derek Moore and Dottie Chapman saw each other all the time at the White House. She was a reporter and he worked with the Secret Service. Dottie didn’t think Derek noticed her until she was attacked inside a hotel suite. When he rescues her, they spend the night and weekend together. Derek introduces her to his lifestyle…BDSM. Dottie is in deeper trouble than she knows and Derek gets himself assigned to protect her.

Club de Fleurs 6: Tasha is finished and out to the beta readers.  Hope to have it back and my final edits done by next week, so I can submit it to the publisher.  I'm working on Dakota Pride: Ransom Ranch. This will be the story of Stacie and the three Ransom brothers.  Here's an unedited teaser for you all:

Grant walked quietly into the house and kicked off his boots.  Running up the stairs he listened to make sure Stacie was in the bath.  His girl was in for a surprise.
        Without knocking, he opened the door walked into where Stacie was taking her bath.  “Grant, do you need something?” Stacie asked, startled, grabbing for the towel she had put beside the tub.  Grant grabbed the towel before she could get to it, so she slid down in the tub, hoping the bubbles would cover her.
        “Everything I need is right here,” Grant answered her, sitting on the edge of the tub, he started removing his shirt.
        “What…what are you doing?” This was something she had dreamed about, but never thought would be reality.
        “I’m going to wash your back.  I don’t want to get my clothes wet, now do I?”
        “Oh, okay.” Stacie didn’t know what to say.  All her fantasy’s and dreams were coming true.  Could it be possible that all three brothers would want her?  Then all her dreams would really come true.
        Even before she started working for the brothers, she had been in love with them.  She knew it was wrong to love all three of them, but she did.  She could never choose between them.  They all were different and amazing men.  Each of them were special in different ways.
        Grant was kind and made her laugh.  It never failed he could always bring humor to the situation.
        Jake, the middle brother was the quiet one, the thinker.  If Stacie needed advice or just someone who would listen, Jake was the one she went to.
        Seth, like to play the devil’s advocate and when she was in the mood for an argument, she went to him.  He would argue anything with anybody.
        Grant had his shirt off and had stood and was removing his pants.  “Why…what?’ Stacie stuttered, not sure what she was trying to say.  She wanted to watch, but was too embarrassed.
        “I’m going to get in with you, honey, so I can wash your back, scoot up.”
        Stacie complied without thinking, sitting up and moving forward to make room for him. Stacie sat straight, trying not to touch any more of him than she had to.  She didn’t know how to react.  So far it was just like her dreams.
        “Relax, baby,” Grant slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her back.

Friday, November 28, 2014

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I have so many things to be thankful for in my life.  The number one thing is my beautiful daughter,  I can't believe she's twelve now.  She's turning into a beautiful young lady.

I'm also thankful for all my family and friends.  Although I may not tell them  as often as I should I love and miss all of them.  Then there's my readers.  I wouldn't be who I am with out you.  Thank you all for your support.

I'm working on three books at the present time. Club de Fleur 6: Tasha.  This will be the story of Tasha and Tim.  We met Tim when he rescued Jenna from Big in my very first book.  Check out for a teaser from that book.

I'm also working on ther third book in the All the President's Men series, this will be book three Dillon's Dainty Darling.  I've started a new series, Dakota Proud, Ransom Ranch.  Ther first book will be about Stacie and the three Ransom brothers.  It's been fun to work on.  

Here's a teaser from Dillon's Dainty Darling.

Tracy Smith sat on her front stairs waiting for Dillon Polk to pick her up.  She had been waiting for several minutes, not because he was late, but because she was early.  She didn’t want him in her house.  Why she had agreed to go to the club with him tonight was beyond her, but she had agreed and other than being sick, could not get out of it.
      She and Dillon had been partners for two years.  He worked with the Secret Service and she was with the FBI.  They both had been assigned to several cases and worked well together.  They also played well together at The Mix.  A BDSM club partly owned by Dillon’s boss and friend Derek Moore.  The problem was that Dillon wanted more than Tracy was willing to give.  He wanted her and she just wanted to be friends and play occasionally, and sex.  The sex with Dillon was good, very good. 
      It was fun playing with him at the club and when he wasn’t nagging her for more, they worked great together.  He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t go out with him anyplace but the club and why she wouldn’t let him in her house.  The truth was she didn’t want him that close. 
      What Tracy never told anybody was that she had been in a Ds relationship for five years before moving to Washington D.C. and becoming an FBI agent and it hadn’t ended well.  Since then she never let anyone get close.  She had figured out that by keeping everyone at a distance, she wouldn’t’ get hurt again.  Several of her  friends had told her she was crazy and that Dillon was the best thing that had ever happened to her and nothing like the man she had been in the relationship with.  But after having had her trust broken once, she had was not going to let that happen again.  She had been in the hospital for days and therapy for months.  She only played at the club in front of witness.  Period

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Savannah's up to it again

Your friend and mine Savannah Morgan will be doing a take over.  Check it out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update and Thank you

Thanks to all who came to the party last week.  It was great.  I'm working on three books right now.  Doing the first set of edits for Derek, from All the President's men, and working on Tyler's Tasty Treat from the same series.  I also started Tasha, this will be Tim's story from Club de Fleurs...busy, busy, busy.

And a big thank you to all who did takeovers last night these girls worked hard!

 Elizabeth St. John

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Mia Natal

 Audra Hart

The Beast Realm: A magical world of shape shifters, weres and dual 
natured beings from every world imaginable exist and flourish in all of 
their primal glory.

Links to my books & descriptions:  
NEWEST:  “Mara’s Homecoming”
  Description of Mara’s Homecoming:  Mara Aphrodisios Montgomery was born a bear. I don’t mean she was born bitchy or anything like that. Literally. She was born a bear cub who can shift into human form. She’s a member of an ancient, but dying race of Greek Immortals called Weres. Mara is a werebear. She met and fell in love with a Celtic Shifter, Logan Montgomery, but there are many among the so-called Immortal races who don’t believe Immortals should mate outside of their own pantheon. Hitler has nothing on some of these guys when it comes to fighting for racial purity.
Mara’s love affair and subsequent mating to Logan Montgomery opens the door to horrific grief, pain and suffering for Mara. She is brutally victimized and separated from her family for over a decade. But unseen forces are working to reunite the lovers.
Events beyond their control also push Mara and Logan to the forefront of an ancient struggle that is coming to a head. Soon they are neck deep in the newly formed Beast Realm. The Beast Realm is a loose affiliation of dual natured magical immortals who populate this world and various magical realms. Due to ancient feuds and prejudices the creators of various shifter races have decided to form this new affiliation to offer protection for the offspring of their children who are of mixed heritage. Treachery, intrigue, bloodshed and deceit rule the day as warring factions strive to control the formation of this new realm.
Will love everlasting ultimately triumph?

Episode II – “Cameron’s Return” due out on Halloween.
Episode II – “Logan’s Redemption” due out mid to early November.

1st book:  “Lost Wanderer Awakened” Book One of the Airendell Chronicles.
            Description:  Deidra Montfort is a small town gal whose life has been shattered by tragedy. Her children and husband are dead and Dee is recovering from massive injuries that should have left her dead as well. Part of Dee knows she could have prevented the tragedies... somehow…
Strange dreams and flashes of images of a life with a gorgeous, sexy warrior god leave Dee feeling confused and guilt ridden as she struggles to cope with the loss of her family and the devastating damage done to her own body. As she struggles with the urge to just give up she turns her attention to helping out an old friend who runs a backwoods biker bar and helping runaway teenage girls make a new start for themselves.
 Dee doesn't know that a vampire watches her from the fringes of her life. He is not stalking her but protecting her because she is his beloved mate. The vampire has been searching for his long lost mate who was cursed for saving his life almost six hundred years ago.
                        Lucian Michaels is an Immortal Spell Weaver turned vampire who watches Deirdra from the fringes of her life. He’s been doing this or something like it for nearly six hundred years. An ancient curse has robbed her of all knowledge of who she is and her true destiny. She doesn’t remember that her name is Morna Glynn Michaels, Spell Weaver of the First Order, and Airendell Warrior of the first Order. She doesn’t remember that she is Lucian’s one true mate and has been for nearly seven hundred years. So Lucian waits and watches hoping she regains her memories and her powers so that she can reclaim her mate, her destiny and overcome the curse that ruined their lives.
Lucian knows they face overwhelming odds as they set out overcome the evil forces that still seek to destroy them and their clan of magical Immortals who dedicate their lives to protecting mankind from other less altruistic Immortals. However, he doesn’t know of the painful changes his beloved will have to endure, the blood thirsty creatures, jealous rages and treachery from their own family members. They must overcome all of these challenges in order to be able to reclaim their true destiny.
Book 1.5 of Airendell Chronicles – “The Young Vampire Mate” (In the process of redoing cover and edits.  But it’s still a saucy tale and a good companion book for the Airendell Chronciles. Description:  My name is Breena Glynn. I'm an 800 year old virgin. Stop laughing! I am a magical Immortal-healer who fights demons, who magically knows things, and chronicles the history of my clan, the Spell Weavers. Oh yeah, and I am on the hunt for my true mate. Stop laughing Jeez. He's out there. He's a sexy as sin vampire and I can't wait to meet him. Did I mention the curse or the shifter bestie? This book is part of the Airendell Chronicles and is intended for readers over 18.

 Book Two of the Airendell Chronicles:  “The First Spell Weaver of Airendell”               Description:  Amid dark intrigue, deadly battles, savage blood-lust and just plain old fashioned lust Morna is reunited with loved ones as she reclaims her ancient magical heritage. As Morna adapts to her new hybrid vampire status she must ferret out enemies and learn to rely on family and friends. Can she hang on to her love for Luca, her mate, and the hope for the future that grows within her? This is book two of the Airendell Chronicles and is intended for readers over 18.
Book 2.5 “Adventures in Asgard” Still writing
Book Three of the Airendell Chronicles: “Wicked Rage of the Moon” is written, but still in editing.  I should have the edited version publish in early November.  At least that’s the plan

Savannah Morgan

About the Author
Savannah lives in the Deep South with her husband and two dogs. She loves animals, travel, and reading. She also has a passion for graphic design, photo restoration, photography and music.
She has traveled and lived throughout the US and Europe during her marriage and has looked at every move as a new adventure. She enjoys getting to know new people, cultures, and places. She has. She has often thought she would have been an anthropologist or free-lance photographer if she hadn’t started writing first.
Savannah is currently working on several titles to include more in the Sapphire Springs series. Please visit her at any of the online locations below.

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Amara has a rich heritage, steeped in Spiritual Beliefs. Being 1/3 Romani (Gypsy), 1/3 Native American and 1/3 Irish she relies on the teachings of her ancest... See More
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Starting Oct 27, 2014 - Jan 27, 2015
An Irresistible Contest:
Amara has a rich heritage, steeped in Spiritual Beliefs. Being 1/3 Romani (Gypsy), 1/3 Native American and 1/3 Irish she relies on the teachings of her ancestors. She is a Goddess in the kitchen and can whip up Teas, Tinctures, and Poultices as easily as she can Main Dishes, Breads and Desserts. Be a part of something truly unique and submit your family recipes for this companion book to Irresistible: A Sapphire Springs Novel Book 3
If your recipe is chosen as an entry in the Dalakis Familie de Tigani Recipe Book your name will be listed with the winning recipe(s).
You must own the rights to the submitted recipe (no star recipes or filching from the internet allowed)
Needs to appear to be of Romani, Native American, Irish or just old family comfort food. 
You can submit as many recipes as you like; more entries means more chances to win and more entries in the book
Submit recipes to:
RE: Dalakis Gypsies Recipe Contest

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

come to my party

I'm having a party come join me, and some of your favorite Authors and Blogger Tomorrow night to celebrate the release of CLUB DE FLEUERS 4: rACHEL.
Schedule of takeovers:
All time mountain time zone
6:00-6:30 pm Rose Nickol
6:30-7:00 pm Elizabeth St. John
7:00-7:30 pm Mia Natal
7:30-8:00 pm Audra Hart
8:00-8:30 pm Savannah Morgan
8:30-9:00 pm Jordan Marie
9:00-9:30 pm Patches Brazillon
9:30-10:00 pm Rose Nickol
Rose Nickol's photo.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hi! I've started a separate blog for Club de Fleurs and will be posting updates to the series there.  I posted the first chapter of Rachel (book 4) take and minute and go read it.  

I'm working on book 6 it will be about Tim and Tasha, and also working on book 2 in All the President's men. Maybe I'll start a blog for that series once it gets going.  
Feel free to leave any comments, I love to hear from my fans.

Bye for now.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Check it out! It's here!

And it's here! Now available for pre-order at a 10% discount. Release date Tuesday Oct 21st.
Rachel Greene loved playing at the club and playing with Craig Micheals. One night changed all that. Several months later, after intense therapy and with Craig’s help, Rachel was ready. Ready for more. With Craig’s support she was ready to take back her life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

They Accepted

Good news, Siren has accepted the first book in the new series, All the President's Men.  Publication date schedule to be sometime December or January.  Whoo Hoo!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

I know it's been a while since I did an update.  Tina's twins has been accepted and I've completed the first set of edits.  Rachel will be published the 21st and should be available for pre-order soon.  I've submitted the first book in the series All the President's Men, and should hear in the next few weeks.  Take care all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Released today September 17th, get it now!

Hey you all, today's the day if you haven't gotten your copy of Club de Fleurs 3: Theresa, you have have a few more days to get it at he reduce price.  September 24th is the last day for the 10% discount.  Released today, get it now!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hey, I've been busy working on the new series All the President's Men.   It's going to be about big men with bigger...guns.  The first book is about Derek a 6 foot 8 inch hunk of man.  I'm about one fourth of the way through with it.  
     Still waiting to hear from Siren on Tina's Twins I will post when I hear.
     Club de Fleurs 3:  Theresa should be available for presale any day now.  Watch the Book Strand website.  The 10 % off promotion only lasts a few days.
     Thanks for checking in and happy reading.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey, I finally finished Club de Fleurs 5: Tina's Twins.  Sent it off to my beta readers yesterday.  Today I started on the new series, All the President's Men, centered around the men of the secret service.  There will be four or five books in the series, maybe more.  I still need to figure out what to do with Dean and Connie form Club de Fleurs, they may be the start of another series.  Thanks for reading, hope all are well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today August 13, 2014 was the re;ease day for my second book, Cllub de Fleurs 2 Sadie.  Avialable now on  And good news..,.I found my first book Club de Fleurs : Jenna is now available on for a 12% discount.  The links to both book are below.
     I've been busy working on book number five, Tina's Twins, and hope to have it done by the end of the month.  Wish me luck.  Catch you later.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Geat News

     Siren has accepted the fourth book in the Club de Fleurs series.  It should be available late October.  This means that I will have a new book coming out in August, (Sadie is due to be published on August 13, 2014). September (Theresa is due approximately September 17, 2014) and October (Rachel approximately October 21, 2014).
     I'm working on another menage, this will have paternal twins in it and will be about Tina, who you will learn more about in Rachel's story. More to come later.                                                                       Hope you are all having a great summer, it's almost over.  Until next time.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Now Available

Now Available for pre-order at a 10% discount on Siren


“Now stop that or you’ll start something you’re not ready for.” He groaned at her, looking at Dave with alarm in his eyes. Was this where they had planned on going? Had they even thought past getting Sadie back and calmed down? He and Dave had shared before, both in and out of the club, but they had never talked about sharing Sadie and Evan wasn’t sure if Dave was willing to share Sadie.
Looking at Evan and raising his eyebrows in question, Dave wondered the same thing. He knew Evan was up to sharing, but since he had started playing with Sadie, they hadn’t shared or even discussed it. Dave could tell by watching Evan that he was interested in Sadie, Hell he wouldn’t be here now if he wasn’t, but sharing…hummm.
Two men, thought Sadie, wow! And both of them hot and bothered from what she could tell. This was every girl’s fantasy, wasn’t it?
Reaching around Evan, grasped both of Sadie’s nipples between his thumb and forefingers, pinching and pulling. Dave leaned down and took her mouth, rubbing one hand between her folds. “Do you want this, girl, do you want both of us? Here…Now?” he asked, rubbing her clit and feeling her wetness..
“Yes, baby, say you want us your Master and Sir, say you want both of us,” Evan whispered in her ear working her nipples and rubbing his cock against her rear end.
“Oh my God, I-I-I don’t know, it’s-it’s…Yes!” Sadie screamed the final word as Dave pinched and pulled her clit.
Evan licked and kissed the back of her neck, while Dave took her mouth. Continuing to work her nipples, he rubbed himself against her. “Are you ready to take this big cock in your tight little ass, baby? Will you do that for your Sir?”
“And while he’s in your ass, I’ll be taking this sweet little pussy. You’ll be stuffed full of cock. A man for both your holes. Are you ready for that, girl?” Dave spoke the words against her lips, rubbing and pinching her clit all the time with just enough pressure to rev her up, but not letting her go over.
“Oh…Oh…Oh…I need to come, please make me come. Anything, just let me come, Master, Sir, somebody help me.” Sadie was shuddering with need and want.
Reaching down with one hand Evan slowly rimmed her rosette, moving his fingers round and round. Dave rolled and got a tube of lube and several condoms out of the drawer beside the bed and handed the lube and a couple of condoms to Evan.
Evan lubed up one finger and slowly inserted in Sadie’s rosette. “How’s that feel, baby? Do you like that? You’re so tight back there. You are going to feel so good on my cock”
“Oh…Oh…it burns, slowly, Sir, slowly,” Sadie cried.
Taking her free nipple in his mouth, Dave increased the pressure and speed he was applying to her clit. Gently biting her nipple, Dave released it. “Come for us girl, come now!”
Screaming and shuddering with release Sadie’s world exploded with a shattering of light. Sandwiched between the two men as she was she could move very little and laid there quaking and shaking.
“That was just one of many you will experience with us, baby. Hope you’re ready for this.” Evan growled in her ear, adding more lube and a second finger to her rosette. Scissoring his fingers, he stretched and lubed her in readiness for his cock. “Just a little more and you’ll be ready for me. I can’t wait to get inside you.” Adding a third finger, he looked at Dave and nodded.
Dave rolled over on his back and pulled Sadie with him.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finally finished

     I finished my fourth book in the Club de Fleurs series, this will be Rachel story.  If you've read the first book in the series we all got to know Rachel when she was attached in the club by the same men that hurt Jenna.  This is Rachel and Craig's story.  I have sent it to my beta readers, waiting for their input then off to Siren it goes.  Wish me luck.
     My second book Sadie should be out close to the middle of August.  The tentative date is August 13.  It should be available for pre-order on the bookstrand website a week before that.  I'll post the link here as soon as it's ready.
     I have my third book scheduled for release in September, more to come on that.
     I started the fifth in the series today.  
    Hope you all enjoy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Books I write

MY first book, Club De Fleur, book 1: Jenna is now available on
Heres a the story excerpt.  For the adult version click the link above.
Taking a deep breath, Jenna smiled and took the flowers. “Thank you, they’re beautiful. Let me put these in water and we can go.” She took the flowers to the kitchen and found a vase for them. Collecting herself, she took the flowers and vase back to the living room and Kyle.
“I’m ready.” She smiled at him.
He helped her with her jacket and, taking her keys from her, guided her out the door. Locking the door for her, he pocketed her keys and escorted her to a cute little sports car.
They went for dinner and had a great time talking and laughing. After dinner, they drove for a while and talked. They discovered that they both enjoyed being outdoors and had an interest in baseball and hockey. Kyle promised to take her to some of the home games. Finally, they parked in a spot overlooking the city lights and Kyle put the top on the car down..
Kyle pulled her into his arms and they cuddled, watching the lights. After what seemed like hours, Kyle turned her and kissed her, slowly building the heat. He slowly drifted one hand down and cupped her breast through her top, rubbing his hand over her nipple.
When he eventually broke the kiss, they were both breathless. “I better take you home,” he said with a sigh.
“I guess,” she answered breathlessly. Wow, she thought. They had spent hours together after that first night and had gone to dinner and gone driving several more times. Tonight he was taking her to the club.
Sadie was Jenna’s best friend. They were complete opposites. Jenna was tall and curvy and Sadie was short and petite, five foot nothing and ninety-eight pounds. Jenna felt like an Amazon next to her. Jenna had known Sadie for fifteen years, since middle school, and not even her mother knew her better. Kyle was what she needed, or so Sadie had told her. What Jenna had been looking for. Her man…Master…Sir.
Club de Fleurs was the name of the club Kyle was taking her to, and it was a BDSM club. This would be the first time Jenna had been to this type of club. Sadie had told her that it meant “club of flowers,” so called because the owner, Dave, had had a sub called Petal when he opened the club, and he named it after her.
In her eyes, Kyle was the perfect man, a little older than her and tall, six feet six inches, a full foot taller than her. Chiseled, he had a six-pack Jenna yearned to run her tongue over. With his black hair and dark-blue eyes, he was one yummy package that she would not mind eating. He must work out. Her idea of the perfect man in every way. He could have been a football player in high school, or maybe college. He had the build for it. She really didn’t know that much about his history, or his present, actually. She had no idea what he did for a living. Jenna did know he had a cute little sports car that had to have cost some big bucks, but she had no idea how he got it or what he did for money. He didn’t seem to want for anything. He paid for everything on their dates without batting an eye, not that they had done anything outrageous, but nothing seemed to sway him.
Jenna, on the other hand, was just a poor working girl. She worked in a medical office doing billing and barely made the bills each month. Her five-foot-six-inch frame could lose a few pounds and she needed to work out, but couldn’t afford the gym membership. She had mousy brown hair and deep green eyes. She had been told that her eyes were her best feature, but they were hidden behind glasses most of the time. Jenna had moved to Denver several years ago with her friend Sadie. She knew a few people from work, but didn’t have many close friends and mainly stayed home. “Loser,” as her nieces would say.
Sadie had introduced her to Kyle a few days ago. It seemed like longer, as they had spent every waking minute they weren’t working together since, but it really hadn’t been that long, a little over a week. Tonight Kyle was going to show her a different side of him. Something she was curious about, but not sure she wanted to try. Kyle had told her she was a natural submissive, whatever that meant. Said she would be perfect at the club.